Eons space agency

EONS,We’re out of this world.


What we do?

Here at EONS we will in the short time (could be subjected to change) be sending rocket ships up to the moon and into space. At the present the are getting funding for our program and working with other like minded people.

more updates soon.

Why us?

Why us when there are countless other people that would do the same thing ,because we are the most seamless and powerfull agency that Will give you all you want from a travel agency.There are three packages. The family package is $550 000.The personal package is $141.000. The duet package is $282 000.

Booking: The cost off a 6 month trip is $141.000

The cost goes towards:Food,rooms,logistics ,launch,entertainment and safety.

For more information on the rooms please scroll down to the bottom of the home page and open the rooms page.

Refunds accepted